She Got Fat 2

Remember my post about my plans about going on a diet? Well, today wasn’t all that bad (well, not as disastrous as the previous one I posted) as I’ve MOSTLY done the tips that I’ve read.


The coffee thing. I can’t tolerate strong coffee. You know, the kind you buy from really expensive coffee shops OR the one that comes from really expensive coffee maker/dispenser. Earlier today, I opted to get my coffee from the office pantry. It was the kind you get from a really expensive coffee maker/dispenser. So, yeah, I ended up with sweaty palms and palpitations. Maybe milk tea will be a good alternative?

The exercise thing. I haven’t been able to do the sit-ups yet since I was too busy working during the day and too tired when I get home. Also, I’ve been suffering from sharp pains on my upper back the past few weeks so I do think I should lay this part off until I get better. Just to be safe. I do a lot of walking to and from work though. Maybe it helps burn off some of the calories?

The food department. I haven’t consciously reduced my food consumption and I’m guilty of eating a lot of sweets lately. I’ve been reading and writing non-stop and munching on to something takes some of the stress away. Although, today, I resolved to drink water whenever I feel like eating. Hope it helps though.

How about you? Are there any roadblocks you encountered when you’re trying to lose weight? How did you overcome it? Feel free to share!


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