The Tale of My Plastic Rose

Valentine’s Day came a bit late for me this year but it was, indeed, worth the wait.

Earlier this morning, I was woken up by my 3- and 2-year old kids, Harley and Hilary. They just got back from Nueva Ecija where they joined their Tita Mary Rose to visit the Manalo clan.

Going back to my story, Harley gave me a flower as soon as he entered our room and told me, “Mama, meron akong flower para sa’yo!” (Mama, I have a flower for you!) So, I told him, “Wow, thank you!” Little have I known how far that plastic rose has traveled before it got to me. But, I was to find out soon.

So, I got out of bed and went to our living room where my husband, his mother, and his sister are waiting together with the kids. That’s when my in-law told me the story of the “flower”. My flower.

She told me that it was when they were leaving for Nueva Ecija when Harley noticed a flower vendor at the train station arranging his plastic flowers. One of the flowers fell near his feet where he picked it up and decided that he’s going to give it to me. He had the flower all the way to Nueva Ecija where they met the Manalo clan. I expect it was a very eventful day for the little kids since they met a lot of people and played even more.

When they were about to go home, he was looking for the plastic rose he got for me which, turns out, they forgot to bring. So, they had to go back and get the flower so he can take it back with him and give it to me when he gets home.

When I heard the story, the plastic flower meant more to me than an expensive long-stemmed red rose. As I was about to leave for work, he told me, “Mama, saan na yung flower mo?” (Mama, where is your flower?) I left it in the bedroom inserted in my notebook so I took it and told him, “Eto na o, dadalhin ko na.” (Here it is, I’m going to bring it to work.)

I placed the flower in my bag and saw that he was really happy that I’m bringing it. At work today, as I was rummaging inside my bag for a notebook and pen, a colleague saw my flower and I told her that it was from my son. Actually, I really wanted to tell everyone and post something on Facebook but I don’t have a phone (it got stolen) so, instead, I did this. A post remembering one of our family’s best memories.

I really thank God for my family.


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