Catching Up

It’s been quite a while since I wrote here as my life decided to be a little hectic the past few weeks. You might be wondering what was I doing this whole time and, since I aim to please (just this time), I’ll indulge you with the gory details.


I celebrated my 30th last March. Nothing big. Just food and family. Truth be told, I was dreading the day I’d be 30 (because, you know, it sounds old). But, I don’t feel any different as when I was 26. Emotionally, that is.

BECAUSE, F*CK (yes, I wrote that, one of the perks of being 30) I get all kinds of pain right now just for moving a couple of paces. Though I don’t consider myself the active type, I can jog and climb mountains before. But now, two flights of stairs can kill me.


Another birthday this month. This time, it’s my son’s 4th we’re celebrating. Originally, we were planning to do the celebration at a fast food chain but we figured it would be too impractical given that my son’s birthday was during the holy week and that the expenses would be too much. So, we decided to just decorate the house and cook food for the family. Then, after the holy week, we took them out to the mall to play and eat (repeat until fade).

This month was also a lucky month for me at work because our boss gave us a bonus and I got a raise from work. Thank God for answering our prayers.


Work these days is a little bit lighter because we’re almost done preparing for the annual event that our company will be participating on. By the second week, the bosses will leave for Macau for the event and we’ll be enjoying a short break until they return.

As for me, I decided to become my personal project this month. It’s been so long since I was able to focus on myself physically, emotionally, and intellectually. So, starting this month, I’m going to work on improving myself for the sake of it.


So far, I managed to cut and color my hair (again, yey!) and took a selfie.

The following weeks will be dedicated to actively losing weight and improving my health (because I’m feeling a lot of aches and pain lately plus I get cough and colds more often). Hopefully, I can post a more decent picture one month after. I’ll keep you posted.

On another note, I also just finished watching Thirteen Reasons Why. My motive of watching a TV series is to give myself a break since it’s been ages since I watched any; however, this one left me quite disturbed. I was thinking of downloading and watching the whole GoT seasons again but I saw the Netflix ad for this series and was curious about Hannah Baker’s reasons why she killed herself so I watched.

Don’t get me wrong. The series was good. But, I don’t know, it was really disturbing. Maybe it was the intention of the whole series. I don’t know. But, I wish I watched The Devil Wears Prada instead.

Until then!


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