I've been thinking a lot about joining the Youtube content creators lately because I have a lot of things that I wanted to share but too little time to write. I still lack gears for this project but I'm working hard (and praying harder) to be able to have the essentials before the year ends. … Continue reading Ramblings


Charcoal and Clay Scrub Mask by The Beauty Bakery

I recently developed a new habit of watching vlogs on Youtube: beauty, travel and personal vlogs in particular. It began late last year when I was looking for lipstick swatches of a new local cosmetic brand. Since then, I wanted to try putting on makeup just for fun (even though I survived 30 years without … Continue reading Charcoal and Clay Scrub Mask by The Beauty Bakery

Lip Scrub by Detail Makeover

I've been planning on buying a lip scrub since late last year as my lips is always dry and chapped (because I don't hydrate myself enough). It was December last year when I started getting liquid lipsticks and tints and I really wanted to wear them but can't because the product would either emphasize the … Continue reading Lip Scrub by Detail Makeover

30 Things I’ve Learned In Life

#1: You cannot please everyone (no matter how hard you try). In your life, you will meet all sorts of people. There are those who will like you, and there will be those that won't. To those who love you, give them all you got. Cherish your relationship with them. Give them your time, your … Continue reading 30 Things I’ve Learned In Life

Mt. Maculot Traverse – Rockies, Summit, and Grotto

Finally, we were able to push through with our hiking plans and, I'm proud to say, I survived Mt. Maculot last October 31, 2017. Yey! I'm posting late because I was on vacation leave and took some time for myself and for the kids as well. But, since I'm here now, it's time to let … Continue reading Mt. Maculot Traverse – Rockies, Summit, and Grotto

All’s Well That Ends Well

Yesterday was an eventful day for me. It was the day when my past finally caught up and healed my present. I've hurt a person 5 years ago. Though I'd love to share the experience, it would take me forever to write it all here. Besides, the details are irrelevant now because the past has … Continue reading All’s Well That Ends Well